Here are some of the FAQs we usually get:

Is it really free?

Yep, it is. We are awesome.

Are there any paid services?

It would be paid only if you want to be additionally advertised with a banner on our pages. We do that only by request.

Do you have any profit?

Our dedicated team consists of people who have a daily job in the IT sphere and we are developing this website in our free time. Eventually our profits would come from the paid ads on our pages. Now can we get to the questions not related to money?

Is it an online store? Are you selling stuff?

Man, you haven’t read anything from the above, have you? Nope, we are not selling or buying anything. We are not an online store and we refuse to participate in any deals between the artists and their potential customers. If anyone asks you on our behalf to provide any payment information, run like hell and inform us. Thanks!

What’s the use of being presented here?

Your individual presentation here can be a substitute of an official website if you don’t have one yet. And if you already have a website, then the additional page here can only boost your online presence and bring more visitors to the official one. It is a cool way to show off and demonstrate the recognition you got for your talent. And hey, it’s free!

How did you come up with the idea of Artsy Nature?

We thought you’d never ask. Some of our personal friends are artists. Since not everyone has the resources and the time to create their own website, we decided that gathering many artists at one place would help all of them reach a bigger audience. After all, they are artists, and not developers or marketing specialists. And they don’t have to be. They are good at what they do and should spend their time doing it. That’s how the idea of Online Art Gallery came up.

Why are you doing this?

Because we can. We have the skills and the knowledge to develop this website and we are willing to put it in some use.

My page here is awesome! How can I return the favor?

Share it! Spread the word, we love popularity. Your fans will be happy to see that your talent has been noticed and you got recognition in a list among the best ones!

Can I put a backlink on my own website?

Yep, we would even encourage you to do that. Usually the artists put backlinks to us on their own websites, on a special page with Partners/Links. If you don’t have one, you can simply put the backlink on your “About us” page, saying your artworks are presented also by the Online Gallery Artsy Nature.

What’s my use of having your backlink on my own website?

  • Having our backlink on your official website would leave a good impression on your visitors as it states that your talent is appreciated by a platform with very high criteria. We are very picky, as you can see.
  • An Online Gallery combining many artists, such as Artsy Nature, has much better chances to appear in the search results in Google, compared to any website presenting a single artist. The bigger content and diversity on websites like this would rank higher and linking to us can only bring you profits. Now don’t rush to link to ANY website. The only quality backlinks are the ones that link you to a website with relative topic, in this case – Art. And what’s more relative to Art than Artsy Nature?
  • Plus, the button we can provide you to put on your website looks really cool!

Are you married?

Yep. We all are. To each other. Happily. Thanks for asking.

Where are you located?

In the Internet. That’s all you need to know, you creep!

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