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Scrap metal sculptures by Oladele OgbeyemiOladele Ogbeyemi Oladele acquired a National diploma with upper credit from Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu campus in 2015 and later proceed to acquire a Higher National diploma in Fine arts, sculpture Major in the prestigious Yaba College of Technology with upper….read more

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Surf Art by Tedo

Stefan Dobrianov – Tedo was born in 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He lived in a few US states before he came across Santa Barbara, California where he lives currently. His background includes design and manufacture of furniture which gave him an opportunity to work with a variety of materials – glass, metal, leather, wood, veneer, resin, fiberglass, plastic, etc. His passion is inventing new techniques of treating leather by engraving, dyeing, pyrography…read more

Tattoo artist Plamen DemirevPlamen Demirev is a plastic and figurative artist of Bulgarian origin years ago settled in the Spanish province of Cantabria. He has studied fine arts, since his childhood dedicating himself to the study of diverse forms of artistic expression. Wood carving, stone carving, sculpture, engraving and etching metal and glass, lithic carving, graphic portrait, illustration, mural and in recent years in the tattoo. In his study of body art in the city of Muriedas, he follows his search for methods, styles and mastery….read more

Paintings by Andrea Benetti

Born in 1964, Andrea Benetti created and drew up the “Manifesto of Neo Cave Art” presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale, in the pavilion called “Nature and Dreams”, located at the Ca ‘Foscari University. Conceptually, the Manifesto is inspired by the genesis of art. In his works, Andrea Benetti cites, transfigures, plays, reinvents concepts and forms of Cave painting, creating an ideal bridge between  the genesis of art and its contemporaneity. He has collaborated and still collaborates to the realization of projects with various…read more

Watercolour, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, and ink on paper by Ola Atunbi

Oláyinka ”Atunbi” Oderinde is a visual artist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. He has found voice through the evocative medium of drawing and storytelling as he is purely inspired through divine revelation. His art addresses Man on its constant search for self-awareness through the lens of spirituality, purpose and identity. However, as an open observer and partaker, his task is to document this inner voyage in visual narratives with a quest to leaving a bold trace …read more

Watercolour painting by Goh Shu Laang - PlumeriaGoh Shu Laang is a self taught artist who produces art work mostly in watercolor and pencil drawing. He was born in Kluang of State of Johor, Malaysia in 1974, grew up and continues to live there after he graduated in Chinese literature study from a local university. He loves watercolor deeply and he painted his first watercolor painting at age of 12. However, he started learning art and painting formally by joining a Chinese brush painting class…read more

Photo realistic drawings and paintings by artist Xane Asiamah

Xane’s photo realistic drawings and colorful paintings are created with charcoal, ink, acrylic paint and graphite in layers to create a realistic reference. The beauty of women, African symbols and culture often inspire his artwork. Xane’s pieces are highly prized and cherished for their highly achieved level of detail and the vibrancy of his paintings. He has been commissioned work from all around the world, featured in local art galleries and exhibitions, and on many…read more

Realistic drawings by Jonathan Nuamah

Jonathan Nuamah is a self-taught pencil artist based in Accra, Ghana. Born and raised in Japan, Jonathan has had the love for art from a very young age starting his simple drawings using the software Paint and eventually moving on to sketchbook drawings and illustrations.

After moving to Ghana and finishing secondary school, he began drawing realistic artworks, taking his inspiration mainly from artistic references and from imagination. He is especially inspired by scenery and picturesque scenes…read more

James-Wempe-painting-Death-Junction-color-pencil-2002James Wempe James Wempe, born 1949 in Louisville Kentucky. James has been an artist all his life and has applied every type of pigment on every type of surface. Pencils, inks, crayons, chalks, latexes, enamels, epoxies, oils, and acrylics. On paper, wood, brick, block, concrete, asphalt, glass, cotton, silk, linen, etc… His mediums of choice are pencils, oils, and acrylics.  For James, it’s the subject that…read more

Jarka Fox artworksJarka Fox is an international artist born in Slovakia. She has been painting since her childhood. As a child and teenager with natural attitude for painting she painted with whatever materials she came to hand.
After graduating at three different universities, a long period of travelling abroad, trying many different jobs, sometimes totally crazy, boring or exciting ones for her such as a travel guard, hostess, shop-assistant, photo model, animator…
read more

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JewelryJewelry is not only one of the most sophisticated arts, but also one of the oldest. Nowadays we consider as jewelry the durable decorative items mostly made from metal, but the scientific information classifies as jewelry even some artifacts made from shells. Those 100,000 year-old beads from Nassarius are knows as the oldest jewelry in the world…read more

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