James Wempe selfportrait

Artist of the Month for March 2016

James Wempe, born 1949 in Louisville Kentucky. James has been an artist all his life and has applied every type of pigment on every type of surface. Pencils, inks, crayons, chalks, latexes, enamels, epoxies, oils, and acrylics. On paper, wood, brick, block, concrete, asphalt, glass, cotton, silk, linen, etc… His mediums of choice are pencils, oils, and acrylics.  For James, it’s the subject that dictates the medium and size of the piece. James started working full time as an artist in 1980, painting pictures on billboards, walls sidewalks, swimming pools, as well as commissions on paper, canvas, or board. James work was first published in 1992 as limited edition lithographs. Retired since 2011, James feels his work is now at its purest because his only inspiration is the art itself.

To see more of James’ artworks, visit his Official website or Facebook page.

 Elvis Presley, Merilyn Monroe - James Wempe painting - Gone but not Forgotten - color pencil 1996

“Gone but not Forgotten” – color pencil  1996

Elephant - painting on hardboard by James Wempe

“Elephant” – oil on hardboard

James Wempe - Dance - Oil on hardboard 2011

“Dance” – Oil on hardboard 2011

James Wempe - Last Dance - oil on linen 1994

“Last Dance” – oil on linen 1994

James Wempe - My wife and me at Times Square - acrylic on hardboard 2011

“My wife and me at Times Square” – acrylic on hardboard 2011

James Wempe - Old soldiers never die - hardboard 2010

“Old soldiers never die” – hardboard 2010

James Wempe - Superman in Space - acrylic on hardboard 2014

“Superman in Space” – acrylic on hardboard 2014

James Wempe - The greatest - acrylic on hardboard 2015

“The greatest II” – acrylic on hardboard 2015

James Wempe painting - The Price of Glory 1993

“Cane Travel” – oil on hardboard


“Death Junction” – color pencil 2002

James Wempe painting Hollywood Cowboys - color pencil 2004

“Hollywood Cowboys” – color pencil  2004

James Wempe painting The Greatest - color pencil 1997

“The Greatest” – color pencil  1997

James Wempe painting The Price of Glory - color pencil

“The Price of Glory” – color pencil

Stevie Ray Vaughan - acrylic on hardboard 2015 - James Wempe

“Stevie Ray Vaughan” – acrylic on hardboard  2015


“Thunder over Louisville” – acrylic on hardboard

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