Paolo Avanzi profile image Born in 1958. Bachelor Degree in Psychology Resident in Bresso – Milan (Italy) Paolo Avanzi is an emerging Italian artist. He landed in the visual arts, after several experiences in different areas (such as psychology, music, creative writing, organization, computer graphics) which enabled himself to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to the artistic creativity. His production is influenced by computer painting solutions. This approach determines a distortion of traditional perspective that implies a change of the forms and dimensions of the object. The artist intends to develop his research taking also into account the contributions of Italian Futurism. Paolo Avanzi in the last years participated in many solo and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

– Solo exhibition by Biblioteque in Bresso Milan (February 2020)
– Solo exhibition by Centro Culturale Click Art di Cormano (Settembre 2018)
– Solo exhibition by The Bank di Monza (Febbraio 2017)
– Solo exhibition by Biblioteca Il Pertini di Cinisello Balsamo (MI) (Novembre 2016)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria ArteCapital di Brescia (Maggio 2015)
– Solo exhibition by Weart Gallery (Uboldo VA) (Settembre 2014)
– Solo exhibition by sala comunale del Comune di Argegno (Giugno 2013)
– Solo exhibition by Spazio Intelvi 11 di Dizzasco (Como) (Marzo 2013)
– Solo exhibition by Spazio cultura – ex-Ghiacciaia del Comune di Bresso (Dicembre 2012)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria Emmediarte di S. Stefano Belbo (Luglio 2012)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria Emmediarte di Milano ( Novembre 2011)
– Solo exhibition by Centro civico “Sandro Pertini” di Bresso (Giugno 2011)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria Centro Arte Moderna (Pisa) (Maggio 2011)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria Comunale “L’Acchiatura” di Grottaglie (TA) (Maggio 2011)
– Solo exhibition by Pinacoteca Comunale “S.Cavallo” di S. Michele Salentino (BR) (Aprile 2011)
– Solo exhibition by Museo U. Mastroianni di Marino (Roma) (Dicembre 2010)
– Solo exhibition by Galleria Arte Capital di Brescia (Aprile 2010)
– Solo exhibition by Golf Club di Annone Brianza (Marzo 2010)
– Solo exhibition by Enterprise Hotel di Milano (Ottobre 2009)

To see more of his artworks, visit Paolo’s website.

Paolo Avanzi Cavatappi Paolo Avanzi Uomo on cravatta verde Paolo Avanzi Uomo con ombrello in campagna Paolo Avanzi Ritratto nel parco Paolo Avanzi Ritratto in negativo Paolo Avanzi Ritratto al tramonto Paolo Avanzi Coppia di giovani Paolo Avanzi La telespettatrice Paolo Avanzi L'energia del rock Paolo Avanzi Moltiplicazione di orologi Paolo Avanzi Pensiero blu Paolo Avanzi profeta

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