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Artsy Nature is a platform where any type of artists can present their artwork. Created to be an Online Art Gallery, it has the purpose to bring your art to the attention of the audience and, at the same time, to provide a way for your fans to contact you. Since the project is meant to help the not so famous ones, we decided that the presentations here will be free. Yep, totally free – no fees, no taxes, no subscriptions, no hidden expenses.

How does it work

No registration or subscription needed. We won’t waste your time with verification e-mails and codes, uploading and rearranging stuff. You only need to provide us the materials and we will create your page manually. Therefore, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or programming skills. Simply send your materials to and we will do the work.

What materials to send

  1. Profile picture – We encourage artistic profile pictures or even sketches or self-portraits for the shy ones.
  2. Bio / Artists information – It has to be written in the third person. Our condition is not to send us texts which exist anywhere else in the web. Do not send us your copied bio, but write it specially for us or re-word the existing text to make it unique. Publishing copied texts can harm our ranking in Google and ruin all our efforts to make you popular.
  3. Links to your own website, Facebook page and/or other accounts you choose.
  4. Images of your artworks – We usually publish between 10 and 15 images, but we would appreciate if you provide us up to 20 so we could choose the ones that fit best to our page design. Good quality is mandatory.

What does it include

Your presentation is a single page within our website, with unique URL. The pages follow one template, but with your personal info filled in it. Each page includes:

  • Unique URL with your name in it – Very useful for you especially if you don’t have your own website yet. The link with your name in it will boost your online presence and can be used to promote your art. Each of the artists, presented by us, can be found in Google through these unique pages we have created for them. Some of them who don’t have their own websites yet, are using the pages here as an official presentation and reference for their recognition.
  • Custom title of the page – Includes your name and the type of art (Example: “Oil paintings by …. “).
  • Profile picture
  • Bio / Artists information – Describes who you are, what’s your story, what inspires you and what techniques and mediums you prefer.
  • Links to your own website, Facebook page and/or other accounts you choose. Another very useful thing for you. Not like most of the other online galleries and listings, we provide you the possibility to publish your own links and contacts. This way the visitors will be able to contact you directly, follow your social accounts, and eventually become your customers. Awesome, right?
  • Images of your artworks – We usually publish between 10 and 15 images. The images should be with good quality and we reserve the right to reject someone’s candidature if they are not. Visual arts are visual and we do not compromise with that. We want to present you the best possible way and blurred or small images would practically harm your presentation and leave a bad impression about you. The images can be with your personal logo or a watermark on them.
  • Comments section – at the bottom of your page, you will be able to read comments and questions from your fans and answer them directly. It’s always useful to have feedback and be able to thank personally.
  • Facebook buttons which your fans can use to “Like”, “Share” and “Send” your page through their own Facebook profile.

From the list above, you only need to provide: Profile picture, Bio, Links and Images. Leave the rest to us.

Besides getting your own individual page, you get also a link on the home page for a while, where we present you as a new artist. Some of the artists are being chosen for Artist of the month and get a special banner displayed across the whole website. The Artist of the month is chosen by our team and is not a paid service. Also, every new page is shared on our Facebook page and other social accounts.

Who can participate

Any type of art can be presented by Artsy Nature. Even if your type of art is not listed in our categories (Painting, Photography, Crafts, Jewelry, Music, Sculpture, Body art and Tattoos, Writing), we can create one especially for you. There are no limits in the way people express their emotions, so if your art is unusual or unique, then Artsy Nature is the right place for you! We do have a selection team which will review your materials and if your artwork meets our requirements, then you can become a proud member of our project.


Copyrights: By sending your materials to us, you do not provide us any rights to own or sell your artworks. You only provide us the permission to display them on our website and our social accounts with the idea to promote you. We display your images with respect to your copyrights and publish them with your logo (if provided this way) on them, your name and contact information. We only publish information provided voluntarily by the authors themselves. Our website is not responsible for further distribution from our users/visitors who may (intentionally or not) violate the author’s rights by using the images with other purposes.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Artsy Nature and it’s team members do not participate in any deals with artworks. We do not sell or buy anything and we do not mediate between sellers and buyers. We are not an online store and if anyone tries to convince you the opposite, please contact us immediately.

Note: Artsy Nature and it’s team members keeps the right to accept or reject any suggestions for artists to include, without the obligation to explain or inform the other side. We keep the right to delete any existing page or parts of it any time we decide, if this page or the artist presented on it, somehow doesn’t meet our criteria or quality requirements, or if the content harms our website.

For more information, you can check or FAQs or contact us.

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