Riccardo Scavo was born in Catania (Italy) in 1987. Graduated at the academy of fine arts in Catania in 2010 with full marks participates in several collective painting at the most important center museums in Sicily.

Multifaceted artist capable of mixing classic painting techniques with recent digital painting techniques. In his experience to Asia he has had the opportunity to closely observe cultures and traditions that refer to an ancestral memory by unifying the old with the new. He began his career as a classical painter, inspired by the great masters of Renaissance and Baroque art. Over the years he began experimenting using new digital tools (3D modelling, 3D sculpture and digital painting).

In his latest project “Fusion”, Riccardo Scavo has explored new representative techniques, mixing Indian culture with Greek mythology in order to represent the divine feminine as a denunciation of femicide and the disparity of gender that is still present in many countries of the world.

To see more of his artworks, visit Riccardo’s Instagram.

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